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Leslie Kell, multimedia artistWhat is it?
Digital photographic collages. I create virtual environments in which my photographic images are assembled into the spaces and patterns of my designs. As the photos are layered and manipulated in Photoshop, they interact to create the highlights, shadows, contours, and textures of the artwork.
There are no special filters for algorithms involved.


How do you do it?
My fine art digital photo collages are created using a technique that I have been developing for the last 8 years.
Each design begins with a sketch. Then, a line drawing is created in Adobe Illustrator, which is transferred to Photoshop. Utilizing an intricate process, I paste my photographs into the “cells” of the drawing.  From there, the manipulation and “magic” occurs. Once satisfied with the image, an archival canvas is printed and hand stretched onto heavy duty stretcher bars that have been pre-drilled for the framing. I then add some original analog to the process by adding texture by spattering paint across the canvas to add a spark of spontaneity. The custom framing/enhancement is designed and executed to complete the piece.


How long does it take?
Start to finish takes several weeks. Each piece goes through a long process to create beginning with the photography, progressing through the design process, printing and finally custom enhanced framing. Watch this video to learn more about my process.


Are these your photos?
All photography is original and my own, with the exception of commission artworks. Learn more about custom art using your photos here.


What does “archival inks on canvas” mean?
Once the image is final I send the file to a fine art printer. The printer uses a high-end giclee printing process to create an archival print on canvas and adds varnish for extra protection.  The canvas is then hand-stretched by yours truly on heavy-duty wooden stretcher bars.  I use the best and heaviest stretcher bars I can get.  As a general philosophy, I utilize the best and heaviest materials I can to make my one-of-a-kind originals as I plan each one to be museum-quality.


Is this one of a kind?
While the images are digital in their beginnings, the final product is a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted original. Once a design is printed and enhanced, it is not reproduced in the same way again. Each mixed media piece is an authentic, one-of-a-kind creation.


Can I change the framing?
No, because each piece is crafted and designed with original framing, it is an integral part of the artwork and would result in damage if removed.  I consider the framing as part “sculpture” and a part of the original art.


How do I know this will fit in my space?
I offer virtual test drives! Send me a photo of the area you wish to place the art and I can “virtually hang” any artwork into your photo. To insure the best representation, please send a well-lit photo. Also include some sort of size reference so I know how big the space is. (For instance: the couch is 6 feet long and 3 feet tall OR the railing is 48 inches tall)


How do I buy one?
Contact me by email or telephone!. I accept PayPal and major credit cards, as well as other forms of payment.

Visit the gallery pages to find the artwork you love, then click the “Price List” link for pricing information on available pieces.


Can I buy over time?
Yes, we can create a custom payment plan that meets your needs.


Will you deliver and install?
I will deliver and install to locations within a 100 mile radius of Austin.


Will you ship?
Yes, shipping is priced on a piece-by-piece basis due to the variations in packaging, size and weight.


Do you offer image licensing?
Yes, if you have a project that needs artwork and see an image that you would like to use, contact me to discuss details and image availability. My work has been used on magazine and book covers, marketing campaigns and more.


Do you have artwork available for lease?
Absolutely.  Often, leasing is the best way to add stunning artwork to a commercial space at a reduced cost. Let’s talk!


Can I buy a custom print?
YES! I offer open edition prints in custom sizes. We can size a piece to your space and budget.
Canvas Print: 0.85 / per sq in.*
• 22 mil, Acid-free, Lignin-free, heavyweight cotton-poly blends canvas
• Stretched on 1.5 inch stretcher bars
• Coated with a non-yellowing, UV resistant, liquid topcoat: Available in satin or gloss finish
• wired to hang
• signed
Fine art paper: 0.65 / sq in.*
• Epson Cold Press Bright
• 100% Cotton Fiber, 21 mil.
• Acid, Lignen, & Chlorine Free
• Delivered flar or rolled, requires framing
• signed

So for instance, a 16 x 20 canvas print, stretched on 1.5 in frame and ready to hang would be $272*.
Please note: open edition prints will not have the enhanced framing as on my original artworks.
*Prices above are plus shipping and applicable sales tax. Please contact me to order.

A large selection of my images are available online for purchase as custom prints on paper, canvas, metal, and acrylic with beautiful framing options. Greeting cards, phone cases, and pillows are also available. If you would like to explore the options, visit Pixels.com.


Do you do custom work?
Yes! My technique offers unique opportunities for images that are highly customizable and can feature specific locations, special events and other themes close to your heart.
I invite you to visit the Custom Artwork gallery. You will see the finished artwork along with a few of the images used to create the design.


How do I care for my artwork?
You may need to dust it every now and then, but overall it should required very little maintenance and will provide years and years of enjoyment.
The framing and hanging hardware is designed to support the art without any issues. Be sure to use an appropriate wall hanger for the weight of the piece.
I would discourage moving it around in excess as the canvas can scratch. If you need to relocate, please wrap for protection during transfer.


What happens if it is damaged?
We will help you restore it as much as possible to its original state.


Wanna know more? Just ask.



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